Hybrid Working Application Process

How do I request Hybrid Working?

The following table outlines basic steps in the application process that result in a successful application. 


Initial conversation with line manager. 

The employee completes a Hybrid Working Request Form and an Employee Self-Assessment Form and sends them to their line manager. 


The line manager contacts the employee to arrange a meeting. During the meeting, the line manager reviews the forms submitted by the employee in Step 1 and completes a Hybrid Working Viability Checklist. 


The line manager considers the employee’s request against the Hybrid Working Policy. This may include liaising with relevant personnel about requested/required equipment.  

  • The line manager then makes a decision as to whether hybrid working is or is not viable.  
  • The line manager sends the completed Hybrid Working Request Form and the Hybrid Working Viability Checklist to HR and the employee. 
  • If hybrid working is deemed viable, the line manager writes to the employee stating [from General Scheme of Bill] (a) Exact details of the proposed remote working arrangement (b) Proposed Start Date for Arrangement (c) Where approval is for a trial or temporary period the proposed end date. (d) Where is it is to be for an indefinite duration, details of any ongoing review requirement. (e) Details of any equipment to be provided by the employer or allowances payable to the employee to cover costs associated with remote working. 
  • The employee accepts the offer.  


  1. If the role is not viable, the line manager must put in writing the reason to the employee. 
  2. If the role is viable, the employee moves to Step 4 


If the role has been approved as viable for Hybrid Working, the Employee undertakes a risk assessment using a sample Hybrid Working Risk Assessment / Checklist Form which is done by the Assessor.  The assessor may be external.

*Note: Employees should familiarise themselves with this form in preparation for the Assessment with the Assessor in terms of requirements. 

  • The Assessor will send the form back to hybridworking@carlowcollege.ie   
  • Hybrid Working Risk Assessments will be carried out on a phased basis.  


  • The Assessor will decide on whether the home assessment is successful or not successful.  The Assessor will notify HR and the line manager of the decision.  The Line Manager will then notify the employee of the decision.  
  • Should the assessment be successful, the employee can move to the next step, which is completing the requisite training. 
  • Should the assessment not be successful, the Line Manager will meet with the employee to discuss this and assess whether amendments can be made to the working area. 
  • Once amendments have been made, the line manager will notify the HR Office via hybridworking@carlowcollege.ie who will then arrange and additional assessment with the Assessor to sign off. The employee can then move to the next step, which is completing the requisite training.  

Ideally, the employee will have use of both their laptop/PC and smartphone during the Risk Assessment so that they can move around freely, and the Assessor has a good view of the workstation. The assessor will advise the employee and line manager of any necessary changes to the workstation. 


The employee begins to complete required training. 

Health & Safety Training 

All employees must complete online training by clicking on the following links:  

  1. Display Screen Equipment Training (online) 
  2. Fire Safety Training  (online) 
  3. Manual Handling Training (onsite) 


The employee sends the Health & Safety training certificates to hybridworking@carlowcollege.ie 

Data Protection  Training (online) 

  • Employees must attend an online training session that explains Data Protection Protocols associated with hybrid work and how line managers will assess hybrid-working applications in terms of Data Protection law. The Data Protection Protocols are available for viewing here
  • New employees must complete additional, general Data Protection training. The Data Protection Officer will contact the employee to arrange this, if relevant.  

IT Training (online) 

  • Cyber Security Awareness  
  • MS Teams 
  • Office 365 
  • One Drive 
  • VPN 

HR and Hybrid Communications Training (onsite and online) 

  • Hybrid Application Process 
  • General Information on Hybrid 
  • Communications Guidelines 
  • Timesheets / Blip 
  • Overall training on Hybrid to staff and Line Managers 


  1. When all training has been completed, HR will contact the employee and line manager confirming that hybrid working can commence.  
  2. The employee will submit applications for hybrid working via BrightHR. Applications are to be submitted by 2.00 p.m. on Thursday for the following week.  
  3. Where possible, the line manager should indicate to the employee at this point if they will be required to attend onsite the following week. 
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