About Politics

With increasing attention on contemporary politics and the international political landscape, Politics at Carlow College provides students timely insight into a fast changing and increasingly globalizing world by researchers and practitioners in the field.

Politics can be taken as part of the BA (Hons) in Philosophy, Politics and Sociology or the BA (Hons) in Social, Political and Community Studies. Review the subjects you can study by looking at the undergraduate course page.

At Carlow College St Patrick’s you can study a wide cross section of areas of areas within Philosophy, Sociology and Political Science. The BA (Hons) in Philosophy, Politics and Sociology introduces students to the study of politics from the key perspectives of philosophy, political science, and sociology. BA (Hons) in Social, Political and Community Studies explores the interplay between society, politics, and the community, with a focus on Community Development and Development Education.

Irish, European and Comparative Political Science, US Politics, Public Policy and Political Theory; as well as International Relations, Economic and Social Analysis, Security, Peace and Conflict, Citizenship and Migration, Development, Environmental Sociology, Equality Studies and Social Movements are some of the modules on offer.

In addition to covering classical topics within the field, students of politics at CCSP are offered unique insights into politics in practice – students are introduced to campaign management and political communications, negotiation, social media data analytics public speaking. The BA (Hons) in Philosophy, Politics and Sociology is the first politics degree that practically engages students at a grassroots level and takes students beyond the study of how governments and elections work.

On a practical basis, the programme supports students to develop and enhance skills and competencies to engage in collaboration and problem solving; to research, critically reflect and analyses; to apply policy development/analysis skills and to develop skills in communication for the public and political domain in the era of digitization. CCSP also offers regular conferences and public seminars on key political issues, ranging from climate change to direct provision.


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