Carlow College, St. Patrick’s Research Hub is committed to research engagement through the development of sustainable relationships with like-minded institutions. We work with educational partners to broaden partnership opportunities that foster collaborative research within the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Research partnerships are encouraged – both with existing and new partners – which will focus on the research strengths of the College.

Collaborative Partners


Carlow College, St. Patrick’s works with our sectoral partner IT Carlow in the support of eduCORE, their research centre for educational research. eduCORE’s specific aims are:

  • To foster a dynamic cross-disciplinary culture with staff and postgraduate students
  • To support communities of practice in educational scholarship and beyond
  • To enhance the educational experience of all students
  • To consolidate educational research across the Institute
  • To encourage reflective practice and a sense of curiosity amongst all practitioners and researchers
  • To create opportunities to support the dissemination of educational research output
  • To cultivate a truly inclusive and diverse research culture throughout the Institute