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All registered Carlow College, St. Patrick’s students are automatically members of the Students’ Union (CCSU). CCSU ensures that the views of students are represented at all levels within the College, and at local and national platforms. We work collaboratively with various College functions to promote student engagement and to ensure you have a positive student experience throughout your studies.

A few of the main events we organise during the year are our Fresher’s Week, RAG Week, Mystery Tours and our College Ball. We also co-ordinate and support a number of clubs and societies.

We are based in the Student Resource Building and our SU Officers can provide information and advice on all student-related issues – call in anytime for a chat or just to relax! 

Meet the Team

Student Union President

Craig McLoughlin-Burke

“As a recent graduate, I understand the importance of the student voice within college, as well as taking some time to step back and look after yourself. I take care of the day-to-day management of the Student Union, ensuring that the Executive Team and I are working for you, the students. From societies to events, my aim is to provide students with the full college experience that they deserve.”

My Role

As your SU President, it is my job to make sure the student voice is heard by working with the college on your behalf. I will be collaborating with the College on how best to improve students' time in college, be it academically or socially. I also ensure that you are represented not only in college, but outside of it too; lobbying politicians on your behalf, working with U.S.I., and getting involved in various campaigns.

VP Entertainment & Events

Grace Kieran

"I want to ensure that no one feels left out by the end of the year, and to provide something for everyone. College can be a stressful time so for the times you earn a break from lectures or from studying I want there to always be something fun to do or an event to look forward to!”

My Role

I am a fourth year Arts and Humanities student, and I am the VP for Entertainments & Events. My job is to plan, develop, and promote entertainment and fun events for the students within the college and with local bars and nightclubs. I also am responsible for special events such as fresher’s week and rag week in the college. I aim to work with the rest of the Student Union Team, communicating with other students in my hopes to accomplish an amazing and memorable college year.

VP Education & Communications

Peter Freeman

“I enjoy talking so you can feel free to say “Heeyyy” if you see me around the college, and I will be more than happy to have the chats and make connections with new people.”

My Role

My officer role entails being the main point of contact when it comes to Class Reps. One of my aims with the Class Reps is to engage them more with the SU, allowing them to have more of an impact when it comes to college life, ensuring they get the right training to accomplish this. I will also be happy to help when it comes to giving guidance and answering queries about grants. I can provide representation on your behalf when it comes to different matters, bringing them to the S.U. and college.

VP Welfare & Campaigns

Woden Clark

“In my tenure, if I can reach one person and get them to say "I'm not okay, I would like some help" then I would consider my time a success. It is important as students to support each other so let’s look out for each other and here's to another great year!”

My Role

I am a fourth year Arts and Humanities student and the VP for Welfare & Campaigns for a second year in a row! Given the unfortunate events of the past few years, every student at Carlow College is likely experiencing some form of issue whether it be physical, emotional, or mental. Thus far, I have run a series of successful campaigns as well as supported students with different issues, covering a range of topics such as mental health, housing issues and sexual health.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Shua Shine

"I strive to make sure members of any of these communities do not face any discrimination and have equal opportunities to fully experience their education. This role is dedicated to representing and promoting the nine grounds of equity and ensuring that no one is discriminated against based upon these grounds; rather, that they are accepted and feel safe during their time in college.”

My Role

I aim to create a more inclusive and accepting college environment for all students, building more connections between the college and the wider community, and engaging with social causes nationally. With this role I hope to hold informational talks and events to promote inclusion around the college as well as educating the student body about different social causes and how important they are.

Clubs & Societies Officer

Kai Stisz

“I am always easy to find within the corridors or Student Union, or through email. Communicating ideas and opinions is the best way to improve and fix any issues! Always feel free to contact me for any questions, big or small, or with suggestions for possible collaborations with other colleges, or events, or even if you are anxious about joining any society or club! My job is to ease you into the community as best as I can!”

My Role

I am a third year Arts and Humanities student, and this academic year, I will also be the Clubs and Societies Officer. My role is to help clubs and societies thrive and allow people to bond through common interests, from hobbies to sports. I also assist with setting up new societies to further St. Pats community and liaising existing clubs and societies. My aim is to help the societal community to grow within the college!

Oifigeach na Gaeilge

Daragh Ó Faolain

"The Irish language and Irish culture are super cool, so it is my intention to promote and encourage a general sense of positive ‘Irishness’ around the college.”

My Role

Dia dhuit a chairde! Fáilte go dtí Carlow College. I completed playschool, primary school, and secondary school all through Irish, so the language and culture have always been an important part of my life. I will be putting on events and activities that promote our language and culture to show how cool and fun Irish can truly be. You should come to them as I guarantee they will be both enjoyable and informative.

Mature Student Officer

Lauren Kinsella

“My job as the Mature Student Officer is to help with any mature student on campus, whether it is with grants or even help with day-to-day college life.”

My Role

My name is Lauren Kinsella (she/her), I am a third year Arts & Humanities student, and I am the C.C.S.U. Mature Student Officer. I am 25 years old, a mature student myself, with hopes of becoming a secondary school teacher with this third time of college. Can’t wait to see everyone around the college.

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