Learner Information & Retention

As part of Carlow College St. Patrick’s mission promoting academic success, the College has a Learner Information and Retention Officer (LIRO) who is here to support students throughout their time in Carlow College, St. Patrick’s.  

It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed at times by all the adjustments you have to make when you first go to college, return to education or during your course. It is important to remember that you are certainly not alone in having those feelings. LIRO appreciates that college life can be challenging and is here to help students, settle, stay, and succeed.  

LIRO is also available to meet students whose personal circumstances may be impacting on their ability to engage fully with their academic life. We work with students to resolve any personal and academic concerns and to ensure that they are supported on their learning journey. 

LIRO aims to pay attention to the whole student (e.g. personal, social, academic) in providing support and in thinking about the best places to make helpful referrals. In addition to meeting with students, we also advocate on their behalf and frequently collaborate with other offices throughout the College. We have a deep respect for the process of growth and learning that comes with facing the things that challenge us.  

Reach out, discuss your options and get a plan in place with the LIRO.

Amanda Bowes

Learner Information & Retention Officer

Contact Hours

Monday: 9am – 5pm

Tuesday: 9am – 5pm

Wednesday: 9am – 5pm

Thursday: 9am – 5pm