Carlow College staff are engaged in research in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences that has regional, national, and global horizons, and is key to enhancing understandings of the challenges facing us in the 21st century.

Our research culture and activities are concentrated in the fields of History, Literary Studies, Psychology, Politics, Philosophy, Theology and Social Care. Our researchers are widely published with national and international impact. Our mission is to expand this profile by continuing to develop new avenues of research, high quality publications, institutional and public research events, and inter-institutional collaborations.

Research at Carlow College is supported by the Carlow College Research Hub.

Research Hub

The Carlow College Research Hub is a multidisciplinary group dedicated to supporting inquiry into the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Research Supports

Carlow College aims to support our research community by providing information and guidance on bursaries, research leave supports, and research proposals.

Spotlight on Research

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