Undergraduate - Overview

Our Undergraduate Degree Programmes

We provide a range of innovative degree programmes in a warm nurturing environment, for students of all backgrounds and abilities. From practical placements to small class sizes, Carlow College, St. Patrick’s can offer you so much. Each of our undergraduate degree programmes are delivered by leading academics in their fields.

We are an intellectually diverse community and our degree programmes covers subjects that will enable you to think critically about how individuals and groups in society relate to each other. Your studies with us are designed to enhance your chosen career as well as the multifaceted communities in which we live.

The College offers a comprehensive range of subjects within each degree programme, including some that are clearly career linked, and others that can be combined in unique ways to foster students’ intellectual and employment aspirations. Our emphasis is on enabling students to engage with their chosen course and achieve their goals. Our graduates demonstrate flexibility, critical thinking, cultural awareness, creativity and communication skills.

Employers understand the value of graduates who can think, and decide, for themselves. Carlow College, St. Patrick’s graduates have the practical and analytical skills needed for careers within the public and private, health, business, environmental, publishing, information technology and education sectors, among others.