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Students from around the world choose to study at Carlow College, St. Patrick’s for the friendly & inclusive environment, beautiful heritage campus and affordability. As Ireland’s second-oldest third level institution, we have a long history of providing high-quality education and exceptional student supports in the areas of Arts, Humanities and Social Studies.

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Admission Requirements

All Non-EEA Degree-Seeking applicants at Carlow College must have:

  • successfully completed a second level / high school qualification equivalent to the Irish Leaving Certificate and submit all higher education entrance exam results;
  • a minimum score of 6.5 in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). If English is not the first language of the applicant, the applicant should review the English Language Requirements for Admissions to Carlow College, St. Patrick’s and provide the necessary paperwork with a completed application form.


As is standard national procedure, learners on programmes with professional placements are required to undergo Garda Vetting Procedures and / or demonstrate to programme staff that they meet the relevant professional standards prior to commencing placements. If an enrolled student does not successfully meet the above requirements, they will be required to withdraw from their programme. If a learner is forced to withdraw from their programme, fees from previous academic years will not be refunded to the learner.

Once an application is received, the application will be forwarded to the relevant Programme Director and assessed. If the application makes it through this pre-screening process, the applicant will be invited to a virtual interview conducted via Microsoft Teams; the interview will be conducted by the International Officer and the relevant Programme Director. For transparency purposes, the relevant Programme Director and the International Officer will complete separate Interview Marking Forms. If the Programme has a maths entry requirement, the applicant will need to sit a recognised Maths Assessment Exam.

For learners from the United States, the minimum score for the ACT is 20 and for the SAT is 1400 – 1440. The equivalency of qualifications for all Non-EEA learners is based on information determined by QQI NARIC Ireland.

How to Apply

For the 2023 / 2024 Academic Year, Carlow College, St. Patrick’s will be moving to an Online Application Portal. The Online Application Portal will open on 1 February 2023 and close on 31 May 2023. The College is also introducing an application fee, which will need to be paid when submitting an application for admission.

For more information regarding the application process, please see our Admission Guidelines and Procedures for Non-EEA Degree Programme Applicants. Any revision to these guidelines will be made available by the launch of the Online Application Portal on 1 February 2023.

International Fees

All Non-EU applicants must pay their tuition fees in full; these fees will be detailed in the conditional offer for study. Our Non-EU tuition scheme for all our undergraduate degree programmes are outlined below. If your visa application is rejected, you will receive a full refund.

Academic Fees

Application Fee

Being introduced for the 2023 / 2024 Academic Year

Academic Tuition

€9,750 (annually)

Protection of Enrolled Learner (PEL)

€350 (annually)

Certification Fee

€200 (once off fee at the end of the programme)

Additional Academic Fees

Autumn Repeat Fee

€50 per module

Module Repeat Fee

€250 per module


Refund Following Withdrawal of the Programme

Where an application by a registered student to withdraw from a Programme is approved by the Registrar / International Office, the Accounts Office will reimburse the appropriate registration fee to the learner subject to the following scale:

Official Date of Withdrawal

Amount of Registration Fee Forfeited

Before 31st of October

€250 (basic administrative charge)

1st November – 31st of December


Up to January 31st


After January 31st

Full Registration Fee


Carlow College, St. Patrick’s is compliant with section 65 of the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012, which mandates that the College have arrangements in place for the Protection of Enrolled Learners (PEL). Carlow College, St. Patrick’s uses an insurance scheme for PEL (see additional fee section above).


All learners studying in Ireland must comply with all elements of Irish immigration requirements outlined by the Department of Justice. When examining the process for immigration, in the first instance, the Non-EEA applicant should determine if they require a visa to enter Ireland as a learner. If the applicant is a citizen of a country that requires an entry visa for Ireland, you must read the page created by the Department of Justice regarding the application process for obtaining a Long-Term Study Visa. 

All Carlow College, St. Patrick’s Undergraduate Programmes are on Interim List of Eligible Programmes (ILEP).

Immigration Requirements for Study

Visa Information

Long-Term Study Visa



NOTE: The application process for applying for a entry visa for Ireland can take up to eight weeks, so it is important that the applicant engages in the process immediately upon receiving an offer. Furthermore, it is recommended that applicants do not purchase tickets associated with travelling to Ireland until their visa has been approved.

Private Medical Insurance

All Non-EEA students are required to have private medical insurance when coming to and residing in Ireland for the purpose of study. The private medical insurance should provide cover for accident and/or disease and should cover the student for any period of hospitalisation. Carlow College, St. Patrick’s does not provide a Group Insurance Scheme and all Non-EEA learners will need to purchase a plan that is compliant with Irish Immigration Requirements.

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