Welcome to the Library

We are looking forward to seeing you in the library and helping to make your time here as rewarding as we can. Now, more than ever, we would like to emphasize to you the wealth of resources you have access to online, not only in terms of our online collection but in terms of our online supports. To access any of our online supports just head over to the Supports section.

To get started you will need:

  • Your Learner ID- You need this card to borrow books from the Library.
  • Your CCSP Login credentials – This is your email address and password. You will need this for logging on to the computers in the library.
  • Student Number- You need your student number to access some of our online content and access your Library Accounts.
  • Library Staff- We are always here to help so just ask!

You also will need to access your Library Account to:

  • Check how many books you have out and when they need to be returned
  • Renew your books online
  • Reserve a book for borrowing
  • Accessing some of our online content

To ensure the safety of all our staff and library users we have implemented the following measures:

  • To use upstairs study spaces and pc’s a reservation must be placed in advance
  • Hand sanitisers provided at the Library entrance must be used before entering the library.
  • A new one-way system is in place for entering and exiting the Library, please follow signs and instructions from staff
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times
  • Wash hands regularly throughout the day
  • Practice 2 metre physical distancing while in the Library
  • Hand sanitiser must be used before and after browsing books on open shelves
  • When finished using a book please place on the nearest available trolley; do not re-shelve the book
  • Use designated pre-booked computers only; if you wish to change to another computer, you must alert the Library staff and they will situate you at another space
  • Wipe down computer and desk with the cleaning materials provided before and after use
  • If you leave your study space or pc for any length of time, please ensure that you bring all of your personal belongings. If you have used any books, please ensure that these are placed back on trolleys. As capacity is being strictly managed, you may not be able to re-enter the Library.

The Library is delighted to offer a limited number of study and PC spaces to registered students as well as access to our physical collections within the library. It is important to note that there are strict social distancing precautions in place and as a result, spaces are very limited. As Library capacity is greatly reduced, please consider whether it is necessary to come into the Library.

In order to book a space in the Library for either study or pc usage, you must contact the Library Desk and make a reservation. Where entry to the library is as normal, we now have a sign posted one-way system in place to which you must be adhere. There is a time limit of 2 hours per reservation, however, if there is no demand for a study space or pc usage when your 2-hour limit is met then students can avail of their space for longer.

Up to six students or staff can browse books on the ground floor at any one time. Only one person is allowed per alcove. Where there is no time limit on browsing, we would encourage staff and students to keep their time to a minimum with minimum handling of books.

To find items from your reading list you:

  1. Type your title, author’s name or key word into the search box on Library Catalogue.

  2. From the results, take note of the class number, as this is where you will find the book in the library. The numbering system the Library uses is called Dewey Decimal Classification. On each book the Library acquires, we will assign it a Dewey class number that identifies its subject matter. This number is found on the spine of the book. The books are arranged on the shelves in numerical order.

  3. Search the library catalogue to find the book and class number.

  4. For more information about this check out our Supports or talk to a member of Library Staff.

It is important to remember that if you are at home, you can still access a wealth of resources online. Much of our collection is available 24-7 but to access some of these you must log into you library account. For some of these resources you will also need a password; you can get these from any member of Library Staff, just call over to the Library Desk or get in touch via email, phone or our Live Chat. To check out our online content just head over to Collections or alternatively you can access our main database collections from the Library Catalogue.

For borrowing rules and regulations, please check out Using the Library. From first to third year, you can borrow 3 books and in fourth you can borrow 5. We are now offering a new Click & Collect service for print books. Due to limited capacity in the Library following COVID restrictions, we encourage students to borrow books via the Click and Collect service as opposed to browsing the shelves in the Library.

On the ground floor, near the library entrance, you can find facilities for printing, photocopying and scanning. These facilities are paid for using your learner card. You can top up at the Library Desk.

On the ground floor, near the library entrance, you can find facilities for printing, photocopying and scanning. These facilities are paid for using your learner card. You can top up at the Library Desk.

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