Cost of Living

Taking some time to research the cost of living in your study destination is an important part of the decision process. Carlow College students are treated to an exceptional third-level education in a location that is significantly cheaper than Ireland’s larger cities and towns. 

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing where to study is the financial side of things. And this doesn’t only mean the cost of your student fees, but also means all the other living expenses you’ll have week to week.  


If you make the move to Carlow, there are range of accommodation options available. The average rental in Carlow is 25% cheaper than the national average, so you can make a significant saving on your accommodation costs by choosing Carlow. Digs are generally around €100 – 120 per week for a private room and student villages average around €130 per week. 

Travel Costs

If you choose to commute, Carlow is serviced by train and bus services that connect to Wicklow, Wexford, Waterford, Kilkenny, Kildare, Laois and Dublin. Student fares in the Dublin Heuston – Waterford line range from approx 30  – €90 per week (or €91 – €300 per month) depending on where you commute from. Student bus fares from surrounding towns and counties range from approx €20 – €50 per month, depending on the distance. And, for those driving to campus, there is loads of parking on campus for an small annual fee of €10. 

Food & Drink

There is plenty of student-friendly places to dine out within Carlow town. Our students can choose to shop at all the major supermarkets if you are developing your cooking skills at home. Within the campus, there is the Carlovian Dining Hall which offers subsidised tea/coffee and pastries, all-day breakfast for just €4.95, wide selection of sandwiches and hot food options and vending machines for your treat fix. Most importantly, you can get a delicious hot chicken roll for only €2.50! 

Your Pass to Student Discounts

Your Carlow College student ID card is also your pass to student discounts for a range of goods and services around town. Many high street retailers offer student discounts and the cinemas of discounts with tickets of just €5 or a meal deal and ticket for €8.