Our People

Dr Elaine Callinan

Research Specialism: Propaganda and election campaigns in Ireland, 1916-1925; Irish political, military and social history, c.1880-1923; Ideals of nationalism, unionism and labour in Ireland, c. 1912-1923’ Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’ 1969+

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Dr Morgan Cawley-Buckley

Research Specialism: Musicology: Performance Studies; Performer-Composer collaboration; Educational Research: Cultural studies; management of change; teaching and learning; Community Development

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Dr Anne Coakley

Research Specialism: Family and inter-generational practices. Food politics, food culture and consumption

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Dr Candice E. Condon, Chartered Psychologist, C. Psychol, Ps. S.I

Research Specialism: Shared Memory, Memory Conformity, False Memory, Cognitive Impairment, Psychological Disorders

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Dr Regina Donlon

Research Specialism: Irish emigration; Transnational History; Comparative History; Nineteenth-century Ireland; and Irish Social History

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Stephanie Hanlon

Research Specialism: Citizenship and the dialectic of inclusion and exclusion in citizenship in theory and practice

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Dr Noel Kavanagh

Research Specialism: Love; Continental thought; Animal studies; Logo Therapy; Popular Culture; P4C

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Helen Maher

Research Specialism: Gender; Democracy; Peace and conflict; Civic Engagement

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Dr Anthony McGrath

Research Specialism: Martin Heidegger; Iris Murdoch; Existentialism; Reformation Theology and its influence upon Literature.

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Dr Ida Milne

Research Specialism: 1918-19 influenza pandemic; Infectious diseases of childhood; Protestants and the GAA and the Newspaper industry

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Dr Teresa Mulhern

Research Specialism: Applied Behaviour Analysis; Relational Frame Theory; Contextual Behavioural Science; Autism; Developmental Disabilities

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Dr Margaret Murphy

Research Specialism: Economic and Social history of Medieval Ireland and Britain; Urban-Rural Interactions; Medieval Diet, Food and Provisioning; Medieval Material Culture; History of Carlow Town and County

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Dr Sarah Otten

Research Specialism: Social justice; feminism and animal ethics.

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Dr Orla Ryan

Research Specialism: Media Studies: Comparative approaches to Film and Contemporary Art; The Film Essay; Collaborative Art and Participatory Practices

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Dr Eoghan Smith

Research Specialism: John Banville; Suburban Irish culture; Intersections of philosophy and literature in Irish culture; Modern and contemporary Irish writing and culture

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Dr Simon Workman

Research Specialism: Modern Irish culture (particularly suburban Irish art, culture and literature); Contemporary Irish fiction; Twentieth-century Irish poetry; British and Irish radio drama and Auditory culture

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