Open Days

Carlow College hosted our Spring Open Day on Tuesday, 5th April 2022.

If you missed our Open Day, we are still taking bookings for small campus tours here.

Missed one of our CAO Open Evenings? Watch them back here.

Arts & Humanities/Psychology

Session held for Arts & Humanities and Psychology degrees on 11th January 2022.

English & History/Media, English & Culture

Session held for English & History and Media, English & Culture degrees on 13th January 2022.

Community Studies/Philosophy, Politics & Sociology

Session held for Social, Political & Community Studies and Philosophy, Politics & Sociology degrees on 18th January 2022.

Professional Social Care

Session held for Professional Social Care degrees on 20th January 2022.

Mature Student Information Session

Session held on 24th January 2022.

Student Life & Student Supports Session

Session held on 27th January 2022.

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