CAO Late Applications

Late Applications

If you’ve yet to make an application for your course, or have simply missed the deadline due to a change of heart on a previous course selection, you can now apply to the degree programme of your choice at Carlow College, St. Patrick’s from March 6th 2023, directly through the CAO Late Application facility.

After February 1 Closing Date

  • You can still apply to CAO via late applications. Late Applications are those which are received in the CAO after 1st February. The Late Application Facility opens on March 5th.
  • The latest date for receipt in the CAO of such application forms is 1st May. Late applicants are required to pay an additional fee.

Cost for Late Applications:

  • Late online application by 5.00pm 1 May: €60

Important Information

It is your responsibility to ensure your contact details are correct on the CAO system as of 1st May. If you update these details after the date specified you must notify our Admissions Office on

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