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Student stories from Carlow College students and graduates.

“It’s one thing to enjoy what you’re studying, but the experience at Carlow College is so much more meaningful because it is a home away from home. There are no cracks to fall through, everyone is there to support you in your journey at Carlow College.” 

Nicole Burke

BA (Hons) in Arts & Humanities

The study and research skills classes as well as best practice presentations from lecturers gave us an insight into how a thesis should look and how research can be presented, but also allowed us to have our own input into it. Also, the two evenings a week aspect of the course worked well for my schedule, especially when one of evening was facilitated with online learning.

Regina Dunne

Currently studying MA in Irish Regional History

“What I liked most about my chosen course was the practical aspect of the degree as I got to learn about the different areas of the social care field and helped me prepare and see what type of area in the social care sector I would like to work in the future. ” 

Chinazom Faith Jayne Eloji,

BA (Hons) in Applied Social Studies (Professional Social Care)

“My placement during my studies gave me a great perspective on working with young people. It provided an insightful introduction to teaching before applying to the PME, due to the practical guidance and advice offered by the coordinator, and the autonomy each student is given in relation to lesson planning and classroom activities.” 

Dylan Wynne

BA (Hons) in Arts & Humanities

“Leaving college is scary because you have to question what your next move is. I was definitely prepared for the future after completing my degree at Carlow College. I think it’s great that students get to go on two work placements which really prepared me for life after Carlow College.  I had practical experience leaving college which was great for employment afterwards.”

Aisling Whelan

BA (Hons) in Applied Social Studies (Professional Social Care)

“The variety of modules are amazing. I love having the wide selection available, allowing me to explore different areas and topics, broadening my views on the world. It also provides many pathways for future careers, utilising the cross discipline aspects of the the Arts and Humanities degree. I find this extremely beneficial, especially for those who may be still trying to figure out their own path forward.

Craig McLoughlin Burke

Currently studying BA (Hons) in Arts & Humanities

“I like all my modules but my favourite are the literature and fiction modules in English. We are given novels to read such as Pride and Prejudice and Animal Farm and we are able to express our own thoughts and ideas on these texts which i find really interesting.” 

Emma Mahon

Currently studying BA (Hons) in English & History

“What I liked most about the degree is the variety of the modules and the many options of a career, it wasn’t just one set career path. It also equipped me with the right knowledge and skills needed for my career. The valuable knowledge and expertise that the lecturers passed in from their experience was brilliant.”

Eibhlin Kelly

BA (Hons) in Social, Political & Community Studies

“The best thing about Carlow College is the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with the lecturers. There is ample opportunity to communicate with them which has made my experience more pleasant. I also find the subjects available for study here really interesting. Studying here is a pleasure, it doesn’t feel like work.”

Daragh Ó Faoláin

Currently studying BA (Hons) in Arts & Humanities

“It very much feels like the course was written for, and geared towards the individual finding their own voice which appealed to me. It encourages debate and interaction with the lecturers who are extremely accessible and engaged with their students, something which isn’t a given in third level.” 

Stewart Quinn

Currently studying BA (Hons) in Arts & Humanities

“The thing I like most about my degree is that there is so many different modules ranging from psychology to sociology and you really learn about yourself and the world we live in. The placement aspect was another great learning experience in which I grew as a social care worker but also as a person.”

Brooklyn Hyland-O'Keeffe

BA in Applied Social Studies (Professional Social Care)

“Since graduating with a first-class honors degree from Carlow College, I have completed an MA English Studies (Gothic Studies) programme at Manchester Metropolitan University and been accepted a place on the PhD programme at the Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies at MMU for my proposed project titled ‘Always, worlds within worlds’: Subverting Banality Through Clive Barker’s Trans-Medial Gothic’.”

Karmel Knipprath

BA (Hons) in English & History Now completing a PhD in Gothic Fiction

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