Inga Daskeviciene

Inga Daskeviciene, Carlow College graduate
Inga Daskeviciene, Carlow College graduate

Professional Social Care


Tell us about your decision to return to education.

It was not an easy decision to return to education because I have three children. I have worked all my life as a home carer. Before I came to Ireland, I did social nursing and worked as a nurse assistant in a hospital. When I moved to Ireland I got employed by Home Care. I’m leaving that job soon though. I also have a level 5 in health and community studies. I wanted to upgrade my skills and gain more knowledge, so I decided to study Applied Social Studies here at Carlow College. This degree opens more doors, to work with a variety of people. After my first placement, I was employed by Peter McVerry Trust which I enjoy. 

What attracted you to Carlow College?

I like the historical side of Carlow College. It is close as I live in Carlow. It is small, and English is not my first language so I felt shy and thought I would feel more supported in a smaller community, and I definitely am. Everybody knows your name here, so you feel a part of the community. 

How did you find the return to education?

When I got my first essay I panicked because I had never written an academic essay in my life, so that was challenging with referencing and the language barrier, but after I wrote the first one, I gained confidence, and it became easier. I love college, I’m thinking it will be over very soon and when I am done, I will have a lot of free time that I don’t know what to do with. Four years went like a blink. 

Advice to prospective students

You have to be determined, set your mind on your goal and you will be fine.