Certificate in Creative Writing (Fiction)

NFQ Level





12 weeks







The Certificate in Creative Writing (Fiction) aims to introduce learners to different writing disciplines and styles and encourage them to experiment with them.   It will also require them to develop their skills as critics through the close reading of other writers work and their own and fellow learners’ writing and texts.

Credits: 10 ECTS

Delivery: One evening (Thursdays). per week (6.30pm – 9.30pm on-campus) for 12 weeks. Scheduled day may be subject to change.

Over the course of the Certificate, learners will analyse and practice various modes of fiction writing.

The course will cover aspects of fiction such as:

  • the creative process; some techniques; keeping a writer’s notebook
  • writing what you know, what you do know, what you think you know and what you think you don’t know
  • character
  • Story setting
  • Story structure: story, plot, action, time
  • Narrative point of view and narration
  • Showing and telling
  • Writing for digital platforms
  • Preparing for submission and publication


Each theme will be explored and developed through individual and group exercises in class, and at home in Learner’s writing workbook.

Entry Requirements

Applications are assessed on a case by case basis in accordance with Carlow College Admission Guidelines and Procedures for Part-Time Learners


Course fees are €350 and payable at registration.


Applications for Certificates commencing in September open in early July. Full application details are available here

The Certificate in Creative Writing (Fiction)
is validated by the South East Technological University.

Course Contacts

Dr Eoghan Smith

Course Enquiries

T: 059 9153257

E: esmith@carlowcollege.ie

Admissions Office

Admissions Enquiries

T: 059 9153268

E: directentry@carlowcollege.ie

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