Deferral Information

Carlow College grant deferrals of entry for one-year only and are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that the following procedures for seeking a deferral must be followed:

  • On receipt of an Offer Notice from CAO, do NOT accept the offer in the manner shown on the Offer Notice.
  • Write or email IMMEDIATELY to: Admissions Office, Carlow College, College Street, Carlow or Give your name as it appears on your CAO application, quote your CAO application number and the Course Code of the offer you wish to defer. Set out the reason(s) you wish to defer. Mark ‘DEFERRED ENTRY’ clearly on the envelope or Subject Line of your email.
  • The letter or email must arrive in the Admissions Office at least two days before the reply date shown on the Offer Notice.
  • The Admissions Officer at Carlow College will communicate a decision to you in writing. If a deferral is not granted, you may accept the offer for the current year.
  • You must send all communications about deferrals to the Admissions Office and NOT to CAO.

The following procedures should be followed when taking up a deferral:

  • Re-apply through CAO in the succeeding year and pay the appropriate fee.
  • Place the deferred course as your only preference on the application form. You will breach the conditions of your deferred place if you enter more than the single deferred course code on your application. In that event you will forfeit the guaranteed place and enter competition for places in the normal way.
  • Indicate your deferral by ticking the deferred place indicator box on the application form.