Mature Student Applications

Application Process

Once you have applied through the CAO, a file will be sent by the CAO to Carlow College, St. Patrick’s indicating that you have applied as a Mature Applicant.

  • Our Admissions Office will then send formal correspondence to all Mature Applicants.  This correspondence will include a more detailed application form (see below) and an invitation to attend a workshop.
  • There are two scheduled workshop sessions, each year, one after the 1st February and the other after the 1st May.
  • The workshops include: Meeting the College team, Written Exercise, Group Interview, Questions and Answer Information Session and a Tour of the College.
  • Your application will be assessed on the completion of your application form, written exercise and group interview.  It is important to complete all sections of this form where appropriate.
  • It is at the discretion of the College whether you are recommended to CAO to receive an offer.  If you are successful, you will receive an offer from Carlow College, St. Patrick’s through the CAO in early July.
  • Carlow College, St. Patrick’s does NOT have a limit on the number of places offered to mature students.
  • Non–EU Applicants will be required to provide further documentation and will be processed through Carlow College, St. Patrick’s International Office, after Mature Student assessment.

Data Protection

  • Carlow College, St Patrick’s takes every appropriate measure to protect and manage personal data appropriately.  
  • Mature Student Application Forms and other records generated during the application process, for example, the written exercise that you are requested to complete, are shared only with Carlow College, St Patrick’s staff who require them for their duties.  
  • Information on how Carlow College, St Patrick’s manages your personal data and your Data Protection rights is detailed in our Privacy Notice for Learners.  
  • Your consent is requested on the Application Form for use of disability and learning difference data in order to support you during the application process.  
  • Your consent is also requested to send disability and learning difference data to the College’s Disability Service, part of the Academic Resource Office, if you go on to accept a place with us. The Disability Service will contact you in respect of the services that it offers. 
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