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International Partners

Since 2003, Carlow College, St. Patrick’s has developed important collaborative relationships with institutions of higher learning in the United States. We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining relationships with like-minded institutions who share our commitment to creating a global and interactive educational community.

Our international partners include:


St. Ambrose University – Davenport, Iowa, United States

St. Ambrose University is an independent, diocesan Catholic university situated in Davenport, Iowa. Although the Carlow College/St. Ambrose partnership was only established in 2003, the historical links go back much further as the third bishop of the Diocese of Davenport, James Davis, was a Carlow College graduate (1878). Since its establishment, the Carlow programme has grown to become one of their largest semester study-abroad programmes. This partnership has also resulted in the exchange of academic ideas through faculty members.

Website: www.sau.edu



Francis Marion University – Florence, South Carolina, United States

Francis Marion University (FMU) is a public university situated in Florence, South Carolina. Our institutional relationship with FMU began in Summer 2017 and culminated in January 2018 with the signing of an agreement for education cooperation between the presidents of both institutions. This agreement facilitates academic collaboration between both institutions and faculty / student exchanges.

Website: www.fmarion.edu



Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs – Illinois, United States

The Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs (ICISP) is a consortium comprised of over 30 institutions in Illinois and Wisconsin. Since establishing a partnership with Carlow College in 2009, the Carlow programme has become its most popular semester study-abroad programme. A unique feature of the ICISP programme is the steady stream of faculty members who choose to spend a term at Carlow College. These faculty members not only serve as mentors to study abroad students, but they also engage with the greater Carlow community in a way that allows them to experience Irish culture at first hand.

Website: http://www.icisp.org/



Carlow University – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Carlow University is a Catholic university founded by the Sisters of Mercy situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As one can surmise from the similarities in their institutional names, Carlow University has a strong historical tie to Carlow College. Six years after the Sisters of Mercy were established by Mother Catherine McAuley (1831), the then president of Carlow College, Fr. Andrew Fitzgerald, was instrumental in bringing the Sisters of Mercy to Carlow where they established St. Leo’s Convent (1837). It was from Carlow that Mother Frances Warde and six sisters left for Pittsburgh to establish the first Mercy community in the United States (1843). Building on this historical link, Carlow University established a semester study-abroad programme at Carlow College in 2010.

Website: www.carlow.edu



University of West Florida – Pensacola, Florida, United States

The University of West Florida (UWF) is a mid-sized public university situated in Pensacola, Florida. In the summer of 2014, Carlow College served as the ‘headquarters’ for Aprogramme sponsored by the Theatre Department aptly titled, ‘The Irish Experience’. Students from UWF participate in the Carlow Arts Festival every year and work collaboratively with the Carlow Little Theatre. The UWF Irish Experience Programme has grown to include students from the Art and Music Departments, and in 2016, the Carlow College Irish Experience Team ran their Irish Experience programme for the UWF students.

Website: www.uwf.edu



Mount Mercy University

Mount Mercy University (MMU) is a Catholic university founded by the Sisters of Mercy located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Our institutional relationship with MMU began in Spring 2015 and culminated in March 2016 with the signing of an agreement for education cooperation when the President of MMU and their Senior Leadership Pilgrimage visited Carlow College, St. Patrick’s. It is envisaged that this agreement will lead to student and faculty exchanges as well as organisational collaboration in hosting joint symposia, workshops and conferences.

Website: www.mtmercy.edu

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