Alexandra Smolova

Alexandra Smolova

Arts & Humanities


Where are you from?

I am from Czech Republic. I studied in Grammar school where we had to study everything, you did not have a choice of subjects. My favourite subject was English and Humanities. Humanities in Czech Republic included Psychology, Law, Economics and Philosophy. 

Why did you decide to move to Ireland to study?

I had three options: Working or volunteering abroad, studying in Czech Republic or study in Ireland. I did not get into a Czech school, but I was accepted to Carlow College, and I am glad now that I am here! It is in the EU which makes it easy, English is spoken the most here which helps compared to other EU countries, and I was interested in the Humanities modules here. 

How did you research your options?


In Czech Republic, we have a company that finds college courses for you depending on your personality and interests as well as what you are hoping for and your budget. They give you a list and you can choose from this, and Carlow College was the best for me on that list. Some universities offered the same sort of degree, but the modules were slightly different. The website was really helpful for me researching the course as well. I liked that i can do English and a range of humanities modules too. 

How did you find the transition?

I found the transition to Ireland really easy. The accommodation has other EU students, and we help each other, this college try to make it easy for you. They gave us lectures for students who has English as a second language. The lecturers are well aware of this, and they try to do the most to help with this, so it is great. 

What is your favourite part of Arts & Humanities?

I like psychology the most. It depends on the teacher whether you enjoy the subject or not. The lecturers here seem to really enjoy what they are teaching so it makes it easier for me to learn from them when they are enthusiastic. 

Social Aspect as an EU student?

At first, life was chaotic because you need to find you flow. I went out a lot, I found a Czech friend in my class so that helped. I was a part of the Chess club to try and make friends, so now I am more settled.

What do you say to other EU students considering moving to Ireland to study at Carlow College?

You should do it! It is a great experience. The college helps you a lot but there are some tough times, for example, I miss my dogs back home, but the Paws Officer Alfie here in the college helps a lot with that! If you are choosing to study abroad, you should choose Ireland because the people are really nice!

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