Dylan Harding


Arts & Humanities

Leaving Cert

Why did you decide to study with Carlow College?

After finishing school, I began studying at NUIG. But soon after starting, I realized I wasn’t ready for the college life and  I decde to leave and started working in Galway.

I always planned to go back to school eventually, I just wasn’t sure when. When I was working in Galway the idea of school teaching really started to appeal to me. A friend of mine was enrolled at Carlow College and spoke highly of of studying here, so I decided to apply for Arts and Humanities, as I could see a pathway to teaching through that degree.

However, during my first year at Carlow College, I had the chance to explore all the subjects offered on the Arts and Humanities degree. It was then that I discovered  I had a real passion for psychology.

Did you have to overcome any challenges in your pursuit of your third level studies?

One of my greatest challenges as a student at Carlow College was returning to the education system as a mature student, which felt incredibly daunting. However, I found my fellow students and classmates to be nothing but welcoming and pleasant to me. The educational videos on Moodle and the accessibility of the lecturers really boosted my self-confidence and skills as I pursued my degree.

What do you like about studying at Carlow College?

I can confidently say that my experience at Carlow College has been exceptional in every aspect of my student life. The social scene suits me perfectly, and I appreciate the learning environment that emphasizes nurturing individual abilities. What stands out for me is the communal atmosphere of the college, which allows for genuine personal interactions with the lecturers.

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