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Dr Eoghan Smith Publishes Novel ‘The Failing Heart’

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Our English Lecturer Dr Eoghan Smith has published his first fictional novel ‘The Failing Heart’.

The Failing Heart is a dark, surreal tale set in Dublin. Haunted by the death of his mother and the impending birth of his ex-lover’s child, a student embarks on an obsessive quest for knowledge. Abandoning his home, running out of money and increasingly paranoid, the people he encounters and the places he inhabits become mysterious sources of terror and anxiety. Everywhere there are intimations of a world that demands to be known, and yet refuses to yield up its secrets.

A contemporary fable of existential melancholia, The Failing Heart plunges the reader into the psyche of a tortured individual who is compelled to live a life beyond human comprehension.

Copies of the book can be purchased here.



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