Weronika Bujok

Weronika-Bujok-AH-1 (1)

Arts & Humanities

Leaving Cert

County Donegal

Why I chose Carlow College

I think I’m one of the few that were extremely lucky and knew what they wanted to study before leaving school. I always had an interest in Psychology but was worried that it wouldn’t be what I expected. I chose Carlow College because with the Arts and Humanities programme, if I didn’t enjoy Psychology, I knew I could choose to major in a different module such as English or Philosophy.

What I like most about my course

My favourite part of the course is that I can tailor it to my interests. In Year 1, all five disciplines are mandatory, therefore, you have been given an introduction to each subject area and know what you find interesting. When you enter Year 2, you can pick and choose the modules that you enjoy the most.

My interaction with Student Supports

I’ve accessed support from the Writing Development Tutor. I normally send in my essay two weeks before the deadline. I nearly always received the assignment back within a week, allowing me to make the necessary changes. The communication was fantastic and all of the questions raised were answered.

Why I recommend Carlow College

Carlow College’s personnel and lecturers are exceptionally nice and helpful. I like how the lecturers strive to communicate with the students and learn their names. Tutorials are also provided for each module at the college. Therefore, if a student does not feel comfortable talking in the lecture, they can raise questions in the tutorial, where the group size is significantly lower.

The staff and lectures from Carlow College are extremely lovely and helpful. The group sizes are small which makes it easier to ask questions. This college is located in the town and it’s approximately a 10 minute walk from both the bus and train station. This college also offers several support systems such as the Writing Development Tutor; this individual assists the students with writing their assignments. The staff strive to make the college experience pleasant and understand when a student is under pressure.

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