Thomas English

Thomas English

Arts & Humanities

Leaving Cert

Thomas English is an English Teacher and Assistant Head Teacher at the British International School of Moscow.

What did you enjoy about your time in Carlow College?

My time at St Patrick’s, Carlow College aided me greatly not only in my future career but in life in general. Coming out of the Leaving Certificate year of 2001 I had never truly spoken out loud much in class when I was in school. Something which would now never be let allowed happen in the classroom that I teach in because I learnt the value of these expectations at Carlow College.  

What did you enjoy most about your course?

 The range of skills that I learnt throughout my 4 year B.A. in Philosophy, Theology and Arts challenged me at the time and made me very focused on improving my self-confidence and wider social skills outside of a sport setting which was my main background before joining the college. 

I regained an appreciation of History, English Literature and finally began questioning everything though my introduction to Philosophy and also Theology. The small year group and close quarters of the tutorials meant that you would never be just a number. As a result of the closeness and family atmosphere of the college I have gained something on a par with a very good education, lifelong friendships with both my fellow students of the time and a number of the lecturers. 

How did your studies help you to get you to where you are now?

The course I studied during my time at the college was very engaging and opened up my ability to critically think and gain an appreciation for what it is to really learn and not just regurgitate information. In school I had always learnt things off but didn’t really think about them, that changed in Carlow College.

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