Sophie Dunne


Arts & Humanities

Leaving Cert

What direction have you taken since finishing your degree?

Since finishing my degree, I’ve followed my passion for writing and feminist studies which lead me to a career as an editor at a women’s lifestyle publication in Los Angeles. 

What skills did you learn that have helped you in your career?

Studying Humanities at Carlow College set me up for a career in the publication industry by advancing my communication and literary skills. Having studied mostly philosophy subjects, they encouraged me to think critically, improved my clarity of expression, and strengthened my research skills which are imperative in my job as an editor. Moreover, taking classes on feminist political thought and sexual politics prepared me for reporting on gender-related issues. As an editor with a feminist background, I can work with writers to craft compelling narratives that challenge stereotypes and pay close attention to language and its impact on gender equality.

Humanities is such a vast and diverse course. For this reason, it looks fantastic on your CV. Job interviewers are always eager to hear about the subjects I studied.

What is your fondest memory of Carlow College?

Hanging out with my friends in the Students Union, spending late evenings in the cosy library, and chatting with lecturers after class. 

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