Roisin Browne

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English & History



Why Carlow College?

Before I came here, I attempted to start an undergraduate twice, and the main reason I came back to do it this time around was, that I was ready, I worked for a couple of years but figured I didn’t want to do what I was doing for the rest of my life. I felt mentally ready to start something and finish it. I picked Carlow College because it was small, relatively close to home and I had started here before and I knew all the lecturers, which helped. If I worried about struggling with anything I knew this was the place to go because they do care.  

What career path are you hoping to pursue?

Second-level teaching. I haven’t thought too much about it yet, but that’s probably the goal. English and history were my favourite subjects in school, especially History. For the couple of years I spent working, I realised there wasn’t anything else that piqued my interest. I figured, “play to your strengths”, I want to do something that at least I know I will enjoy and will have good prospects of a job. 

The Label of Mature Student

I was afraid to have the label because I am not the typical mature student. I’m only 26, I was only 23 when we started so I just about made the cut! The only thing I found difficult was getting used to being in academics again, getting used to assignments and studying because you can fall out of that habit really quickly. I found it hard at the beginning in terms of making friends because I was aware of the age gap between me and Leaving Certs and me and other mature students. It turns out that really doesn’t matter and everyone is so nice! 

Social Experience

Everyone is quite pleasant to be around with and makes you feel like your properly belong , especially within our class, you can get along with everyone. The college ball that happen every year is a great chance to really let loose and socialize,  Group work in the college throws a person outside of their comfort zone and presents opportunities for new bonds to be made within the groups.

Academic experience

So far my college experience has been going really well. Initially I thought I would  barely be succeeding but I was pleasantly surprised to find out I’ve been succeeding my own expectations  and feel very supported by the college in my endeavors. 

Anything that surprised you?

The only thing I was surprised by is that I was looking forward to doing both English & History, but I didn’t realise how much I would like History. It has overtaken English, even though I still really enjoy English too.  

What would you say to other mature students?

Definitely do it! It might sound silly at my age, saying “Just do it” but if you are in a position where you are financially able to return to education, definitely do, because the sense of achievement is more important than anything else. I presume the older you are when you return, the more daunting it is but once it gets to graduating the more of a sense of achievement you have. So don’t be afraid, there is always support in place for Mature Students and people have nothing but respect for you. 

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