Lauren Kinsella


Arts & Humanities


County Kildare

Why I chose Carlow College

I chose Carlow College because it may be small but already I feel like I know a lot of people here and feel like I have made some friends for life

What I like most about my course

I love most the wide variety of subjects I can choose from! I came into the college to possibly do teaching but now I am considering psychology as a viable option for my career.

My interaction with Student Supports

Why I recommend Carlow College

I like studying in Carlow College because the lecturers are truly there to help you, you get a personalised experience with each lecturer and it makes learning more enjoyable.

I would recommend here because if someone is looking for a friendly college, a college you know that is here for you and your needs, Carlow College is the place for you. A hidden gem right in the heart of Carlow.


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