Laoise McNally



Leaving Cert

County Dublin

Why I chose Carlow College

It offered the course I had the most interest in and all the modules seemed well organized. It also meant I got to leave my home town which was something I always wanted to do but with Carlow not being too far it reduced a lot of the risk and anxiety surrounding moving out.

What I like most about my course

The large variation in modules and learning opportunities, there is a topic to suit everyone. It also gives us our honours in only three years which does make the course quite intense but I think it is good challenge. The lecturers are also all lovely and have a clear interest and passion for psychology which really helps you engage in classes.

My interaction with Student Supports

I haven’t had a large amount of interactions with the support systems but any short ones I have had have been very pleasant and very helpful when addressing any concerns

Why I recommend Carlow College

I am really enjoying my course at the moment, and have built great relationships with both the lecturers and my peers within my class. Living away from home has brought lots of new challenges and experiences and I would highly recommend it for anyone who may have to travel if attending Carlow College.

The community within Carlow College between peers inside and outside of your class and all the staff are so lovely and helpful. It is a place of so much diversity with plenty of space to explore different possible interests and meet new people to expand your social circle in many different directions. There are also so many supports available if you are worried or struggling in any area.

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