Emma Mahon


English & History

Leaving Cert

County Carlow

Why I chose Carlow College

I chose Carlow College because I felt the English & History course really suited my interests and career goals as I would like to be a secondary school teacher. There is also a study abroad option where we can choose to study in America for a semester which I thought was an amazing opportunity and I hope to go in stage 3 of my degree.

What I like most about my course

I like all my modules but my favourite are the literature and fiction modules in English. We are given novels to read such as Pride and Prejudice and Animal Farm and we are able to express our own thoughts and ideas on these texts which i find really interesting.

My interaction with Student Supports

Why I recommend Carlow College

I love how intimate and inclusive the college is. You’re not lost in the system, the lectures are about 30 people max. It’s small which makes for more lecturer-student interaction. This is another reason I decided to study here.

I would recommend Carlow College as it has a great atmosphere. We are given a lot of support from lecturers as the class sizes are small. It’s also really easy to make friends because of this. We have a great library with all the books you will need and the study abroad option which I feel would really entice people.

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