Emily Hurley


English & History

Leaving Cert

County Waterford

Why I chose Carlow College

I chose Carlow College for my studies as I am passionate about English and History and knew from the College’s website I would thoroughly enjoy each module. I also discovered the course size would allow for more opportunities of one-to-one assistance, which is something I think is highly beneficial when it come to feedback on writing. I also chose the College as the welcoming campus is only an hour from home so I can have a fun college experience without being too far from family.

What I like most about my course

What I would have to say I like most about the course is the wide variety of content. Within each module there is never too long spent on one piece of work and I find I am never bored. The fast paced environment constantly keeps me engaged and I can personally benefit from tutorials with small groups and each lecturer in a safe space to discuss and ask questions.


My interaction with Student Supports


Why I recommend Carlow College

I find the calming, relaxed environment at Carlow College to be the thing I like most about studying there. It is easy to become stressed when deadlines approach which can put some people off college, however, I always find being on the campus actually eases any worries I may as it is a place where I can talk to my peers and college advisors with a perfect library for getting work done!

I would recommend studying at Carlow College as it is a perfect space to focus on your goals and has all the means to better yourself and your studies. The skilled lecturers and all college staff are extremely welcoming with a college library that is perfect for getting your work done in a beautiful setting. The city location is also a great bonus!

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