Ailish McDonald


Professional Social Care

Leaving Cert

Leaving Cert

After I completing my Leaving Cert, I wanted to study Social Studies (Professional Social Care) and I put down Carlow College as one of my choices. I got the points in my CAO and started the level 7, here at Carlow College. I hope to finish and get a degree.  

What aspects did you like most about your course?

I enjoyed all the subjects, particularly psychology and Sociology. I think the college work placements were a huge benefit to me. I think it was good that you had to do different type of placements. The work placements helped to apply the theory learnt in lectures to practice

How did your studies help you to get you to where you are now? What is your current role?

I think Carlow College was so personable and I felt it really supported my learning journey. I think I may have felt lost in a really big college, whereas in Carlow College you could chat to a lecturer after class if you had any questions etc.  I felt all the staff, from lecturer’s, course coordinator to the admin all cared about your learning journey.  

I gained great knowledge over my 4 years and was able to apply this to future jobs. I think my college work placements really helped too.  

I started working as a Youth Worker, I then worked in Drug and Alcohol Services for 16 years, both as a Project Worker and Team Leader. I am currently a Community Health Worker with HSE and I can honestly say I love my job. I feel so fortunate of my time in Carlow College and my career so far. 

What is your fondest memory of your time in Carlow College?

There are so many great memories, I loved how personable the college was. I made some great friends there, and I really enjoyed the social life too! I would highly recommend Carlow College to any prospective students.   

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