Stephanie Hanlon

Lecturer in Peace & Conflict Studies


Stephanie Hanlon is a lecturer on the BA (Honours) in Social, Political and Community Studies. She currently lectures in mediation and negotiation; international peace and conflict studies and social movements has previously taught in the School of Politics and International Relations in University College Dublin.

Stephanie has extensive experience in the Irish electoral process which has included coordinating constitutional referendum campaigns and managing election campaigns at a local, national and European level. She delivers workshops on political education and works in a variety of non-governmental and community settings in Ireland and internationally.

Research Interest

Stephanie is highly active in building campaigns and mobilising at grassroots levels and works with groups and civil society organisations campaigning in the areas of immigration and detention, gender and disability.

Stephanie’s research interests include citizenship, political participation and representation, peace and conflict and social movements. Her research particularly concerns the management and regulation of citizenship, the system of direct provision, gender, marriage and migration, political narratives and policy processes, self-empowerment through activism and media framing.


Book Chapter (forthcoming) “A Woman’s work is never . . . Speaking of IMELDA on Continuing Legacies of Resistance”, in Emilie Pine, E., Haughton, M. and McAuliffe, M. (eds), Manchester University Press.

Kinna, R. and Gordon, R. (eds) (2019) “A Radical Feminist Diaspora: Speaking of IMELDA, Reproductive Justice and Ireland” in The Routledge Handbook of Radical Politics, co-authored with members of Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A, pp 24-41.

Hanlon, S. and Wallace, A. (2019) “Socialism and the Fight Against Transphobia”, Irish Marxist Review, Vol 8. No. 23, (January, 2019).


Conference Papers:

Hanlon, S. (2018) “Striving for Consistency: Discourses on Marriages of Convenience and Human Trafficking”, (disc)covering Discourses – Transdisciplinary Conference,University College Cork, (May, 2018).

Hanlon, S. (2018) “LGBTQ Liberation – 30 years on”, Marxism,Griffith College, (November, 2018).

“Homing in on the States we are in”, Speaking of IMELDA, Conference – 1916: Home 2016,NUI Galway (October 2016)

Hanlon, S. (2016) “Combating Sexist Hate Speech: The Irish Experience”, [Presentation], Council of Europe, Gender Equality Unit (February, 2016)


  • BA (Hons) Citizenship and Community Studies (Carlow College)
  • MSc Politics (University College Dublin)
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