Michael Sherman

Lecturer in Theology


Michael Sherman is a lecturer in theology at Carlow College. He is a graduate of the Pontifical University, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, where he is currently completing his doctoral dissertation on history and transcendence in Karl Rahner’s theology. He has studied and researched theology in the department of Fundamental Theology at the AlbertLudwigsUniversität, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. He is, further, an adjunct researcher at the Irish Centre for Faith and Culture, Maynooth (2012-present).

Research Interest

Michael’s research interests include: the theology of Karl Rahner; the existential philosophy of Martin Heidegger and its influence on twentieth century catholic thought; the interface between theology and the arts; and religious experience in contemporary culture.



BA.Th., M.Th., Ph.D. candidate (Pontifical University Maynooth)