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Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

In the shared enterprise of education, through teaching, learning, practice placement and research activity, Carlow College, St. Patrick’s prizes excellence in all it does and endeavours to respond creatively to the changing needs of its learners, of potential employers and of society.



Carlow College, St. Patrick’s will educate, engage and inspire its learners through the provision of transformational learning and teaching experiences; it will enable a diverse learner and graduate population to achieve their academic and career potential and enable them to contribute to the ethical development of society at local, national and global levels.



Our core values are:

Truth and Integrity – We aim to create a research-led teaching and learning environment that is interdisciplinary in nature, that inspires openness to new ideas and critical thinking and that is ethical in practice.

Respect and Justice – We recognise the diversity of our college community and seek to promote actively a spirit of inclusiveness, mutual respect and equality of opportunity and access.

Collaboration and Social Awareness – By creating opportunities to work together, both internally and externally, we believe that collaboration and partnership can best contribute to the ethical development of local, national and global communities and society.

Friendliness and Service – We are committed to maintaining a hospitable, learner-centred environment that recognises each learner’s individual learning journey, and that promotes, values and supports their personal, social and cultural development.

Creativity and Innovation – We believe that learning is about being open to new ideas and possibilities both in what we learn and how we learn. We are committed to being an educational space which promotes creativity and innovation as a way of responding to the contemporary world.

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