Rachael Broughan


Arts & Humanities

Leaving Cert

County Carlow

Why I chose Carlow College

Not only was it convenient as I live in Carlow, but the variety of subjects within the Arts & Humanities degree really appealed to me. The main attraction was within the Catechetics module as I had the opportunity to go to schools for teaching placement. I was not 100% sure if I wanted to become a teacher so the opportunity to have taste for the field was very beneficial for me.

What I like most about my course

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Catechesis’s module and going out on teaching placement. It takes dedication and hard work, however, it has been the most enjoyable and rewarding experience. This opportunity has really benefited me as I now have a clearer vision of what I would like to study in the future. The experience and knowledge that I have gained through teaching placement will truly benefit me and help me when I go to study further within the education sector.

My interaction with Student Supports

The college as a whole is a very supportive environment. I have received support from lecturers, academic advisors and the programme director. Everyone in the college is very approachable and always willing to support students in any way that they can. I have always felt very supported and encouraged by the college.

Why I recommend Carlow College

I love how intimate the college is! Lecturers know you by name and really care about their students. In the college you are not just a number. Lecturers and other student supports strongly encourage you to reach out if you need anything or if you are struggling and they will go to every effort in order to help you.

If you are a student who works well in a small and supportive environment then Carlow College is the place for you. Carlow College offers degrees with a wide range of career paths which offer you a variety of opportunities in the future.

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