Phillip Keegan


Arts & Humanities

Leaving Cert

County Offaly

Why I chose Carlow College

The Arts and Humanities course jumped out to me when my Guidance Counsellor pointed out Carlow College to me. I was not fully sure what I wanted to do after my leaving cert, but I always had it in my head to do some kind of teaching. The Arts and Humanities course with its Teaching placement module was the best choice for me.

What I like most about my course

I think what I like most about the course is the broadness of the Arts and Humanities programme. From first year, you get a taste of all the core disciplines; History, English, Philosophy, Psychology and Theology. For a person like me, who was not fully convinced as to what they wanted to do after the leaving cert, this course gives the student concrete skills and education that they can bring with them for life and also use it as a stepping stone to further enhance their education, such as a masters degree.

My interaction with Student Supports

The chaplaincy and LIRO supports are an invaluable service to all students in Carlow college. If completing the teaching placement module in Carlow College, the Catechetics module Co-ordinator, Mary, supports students in every way she can. She is a role model that every student teacher looks up to and sets the student teacher on a clear and concise path to becoming great teachers. As well as an excellent lecturer and Co-ordinator, she automatically becomes a friend and mentor to the student teacher with advice and teaching techniques that you will take with you into your teaching profession. Thank you Mary for everything

Why I recommend Carlow College

What I like most about Carlow College is its ability to make you feel welcome and so at home. The small class sizes gives way for an excellent student-Lecturer relationship. Everyone knows you on a first name basis, from the lecturers to the library staff to the canteen staff. If you play your cards right Julie in the canteen might even give you a free biscuit. The calm and relaxed atmosphere around the college means that students are not put under extreme pressure or stress which is very important, however a slight bit of pressure is never any harm! The supports are great within the college should a student become bogged down.

So, I would recommend it for the following reasons; for a student who is not sure of what profession the wish to take, Carlow College offers courses which have broad areas of study and even broader areas of professional work should you wish to do so. The college itself is a warm environment where everyone knows you by name. You leave Carlow College with a degree that has given the learner not only an excellent education in their chosen area of study, but also important life skills that they can take with them everywhere. You also make great friends for life!

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