Jill McGrath

Jill McGrath

English & History

Leaving Cert


Career Motivation

I did my Leaving Cert in St. Leo’s College in Carlow where I studied Maths, English, Irish, Business, Geography, Ag Science and LCVP. 

My favourite subjects in school were Ag Science and Geography, so it came as a bit of a shock when I eventually decided to study English & History to pursue in third level, as I didn’t study History for my Leaving Cert.  

I always wanted to be a teacher, primary school teaching when I was younger but then secondary school teaching seemed to appeal to me more as I got older, as I felt my Irish wasn’t strong enough. Now in Year 3, I’m still passionate about teaching and hope to pursue a Professional Master of Education (PME) with Hibernia College when I graduate. 

Why Carlow College?

When researching options, I didn’t go to open days because it was during the Covid-19 Lockdown, so they were all online. I knew I wanted to stay in Carlow, being from here I knew of the college already, so, I researched the college website and found the wide variety of modules very interesting. I felt the intimate college was preferable over the size of a typical university. So, I felt Carlow College was a better fit for me.  

Transition from second level to third level

The transition from secondary school to college was quite easy for me as I started with one of my friends, so I had someone to rely on. However, since it’s such a small college you make a strong connection within the class very quickly. There was a bit of difference from school to college such as independent learning in this course, as there is a lot of reading. The essays and deadlines were tough at first but as I progressed, I found the assignments and research methods came more naturally to me. The modules that stand out for me are American Literature and The Rise of Fascism. 

Social atmosphere

Socially, Carlow is a great place to meet people, night life is great the same as any typical university and there is always something entertaining going on.    The dance balls that are hosted by the student union for instance are extremely entertaining.  

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