Gary Dowling


Professional Social Care

Further Education

County Laois

Why I chose Carlow College

I chose to study at Carlow College because it is such a small, tight-knit community. Everybody knows everyone, and the staff make their best efforts to engage with students and try to get to know them. Carlow College is also so central to everything in Carlow Town, and this is a big bonus when it comes to selecting a college to study at.

What I like most about my course

I really liked the placement element of my course. The reason for this is, it gave me a huge insight into what lies ahead for me if I am to pursue a career in the social care industry. I also feel placement is an essential element of the social care course because social care is such a big area, and placement allows students to gain insight into particular areas in which they may be interested in working. Through placement, students are also gaining hands on experience which they can use on their CV when they are applying for future jobs.

My interaction with Student Supports

Yes, I have accessed many of the supports available to students at Carlow College. One example is the “Paws Officer” Alfie! Alfie is a therapy dog who I have often met around the grounds of Carlow College and many mornings inside the door of the college as I walk in. Alfie is a great asset to Carlow College and provides great support to students if they are stressed out or simply just want company.

Why I recommend Carlow College

The thing I liked most about studying at Carlow College was how supportive the lecturers were of students. This was hugely beneficial to me during my 4 years of study because, any time I was struggling with coursework, I always had that bit of reassurance that I could always talk to the lecturer and they would clear things up. This was also a benefit of the lecturers operating an open-door policy where students can always ask to speak to lecturers, and they (the lecturer) will always oblige.

I would recommend studying at Carlow College because the staff are so friendly, there are so many supports available to students, and the lecturers know students by their names and show care for them. Students at Carlow College are not just numbers; they are people in the eyes of lecturers and staff. Lecturers, particularly, are very approachable, and throughout my 4 years of study have always operated an open door policy.

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