Dr Dylan Colbert

Lecturer in Psychology


Upon completion of his PhD. with Maynooth University, Dylan began his career in experimental psychology, publishing peer-reviewed research papers on topics including intelligence, behaviour analysis, academic performance, stress and social support. Most notably, Dylan’s work demonstrating that intellectual performance can be improved via intervention has challenged the century-old notion that intelligence is fixed and unamenable to training. Interest in this research has led to numerous speaking engagements across Ireland and Europe.

Dylan has over 10 years of lecturing experience in Psychology & Data Analysis at every level from Higher Certificate to Masters across Maynooth University, Dublin Business School, and Carlow College.

Outside of academia, Dylan has forged a successful private practice in performance & sports psychology. Dylan has been able to foster significant and sustainable growth in athletes and performers across various domains, age ranges and skill levels, from novice musicians and struggling students to high-level CEOs and Olympic-calibre athletes

Research Interest

Dylan’s main areas of interest are in the areas of intelligence, psychometrics & individual differences, elite performance, organizational psychology, and self-efficacy. 



National Forum for Teaching & Learning Teaching Hero  

Education Awards: Overall Excellence in Education  

Dublin Business School Award for Outstanding Contribution 

Inspirefest researchfest finalist  

Maynooth University Research Colloquium 


Selected Publications 

Cummins, J., Nevejans, M., Colbert, D., & De Houwer, J. (2023) On the structure of relational responding, Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 27, 16-25. 

Drogomyretska, K., Colbert, D. & Fox, R. (2020) Parental Stress and children with ASD: An analysis of the mediating effect of sex, age, level of autism and support perceived. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. 

Colbert, D., Malone, A., Barrett, S. & Roche, B. (2019) The Relational Abilities Index+: Initial validation of a functionally understood proxy measure for intelligence. Perspectives on Behavior Science. Advanced online publication. 

Colbert, D., Tyndall, I., Cassidy, S. & Roche, B. (2018) Can SMART Training Really Increase Intelligence? A Replication Study. Journal of Behavioural Education, June 2018, 1-23. 


From Maynooth University, Dr Dylan Colbert has received; BA(Hons) in Psychology, MSc. In Psychology, PhD. In Psychology, Professional Certificate in Teaching and Learning