Dr John McHugh

Programme Director Applied Social Studies (Professional Social Care) & Lecturer in Social Studies


John McHugh is a lecturer on the B.A. and B.A. (Honours) in Applied Social Studies (Professional Social Care) and the M.A. (Leadership in Therapeutic Child & Social Care). He has twenty-five years Social Care experience in a variety of settings including Residential Child Care, Alternative Education, Homelessness and Emigration. In addition to his experience within the field of Social Care, he is an active member of the Irish Association of Social Care Educators. At Carlow College, he teaches the following subjects: Management and Leadership, Principles and Practice of Social Care, Gerontology, Government Politics and Policy, Placement Tutor, Research and Dissertation Supervisor.

Research Interest

Dr John McHugh’s research interests lie in the area of Social Care, with a focus on Residential Child Care, Alternative Education, Homelessness and Emigration.



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  • What is Professionalism? Paper presented at CRiSP Professionalisation Symposium, Sligo. (2012)
  • Towards Unlearning Helplessness: How Policy Affects Lives. Paper presented at International Winter School RCEPP/ U.L. (2011)
  • Hitting the Ground running while finding your feet: Are Social Care graduates ready for professional practice? Paper presented at FESET 8th international Conference, Marseilles, France (2011)
  • Greater than the sum of the parts: creating an integrated learning space in  Social Care education and training programmes. Paper jointly presented with Dr. Celesta McCann-James at ‘Learning for Practice, Learning in Practice’ – 9th International Conference on Practice Teaching and Field Education in Health and Social Work (2009)
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  • To Be or What To Be? Poster Presentation at International Winter School, Dept. of Education and Professional Studies, U. L. (2013)


B. Soc. Sc. (University College Dublin); M.A. (The Open University); Ph.D. (University of Limerick)