PAWS Officer


Alfie is our dedicated PAWS Officer in our Student Services team.

What is PAWS?

A pet therapy initiative to relieve stress

Why are we doing this ?

Research has shown that pet therapy reduces the stress hormone Cortisol in the body and thus relieves stress

What does it involve?

We will bring our therapy dog Alfie to campus each week and have organized interaction sessions with the students in the student union rec room.

Who is the therapy dog?

Alfie is a 9-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel belonging to Maura (the college nurse). He is a beloved family pet and a therapy dog with the Irish Therapy Dog Association. He is very quiet and calm dog and spends most of his time sleeping but he loves cuddles and ear rubs. Maura will be present with Alfie at all times in a controlled environment.

Research Interest



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