Carlow College Celebrates Student Scholarship Awards 

Carlow College, St. Patrick’s awarded 20 student scholarships this week in recognition of the academic achievement of its first year and continuing students. Students receiving scholarships were from Carlow, Kilkenny, Laois, Wexford, Kildare and Cork. 

Three types of scholarships are available to students each year: Academic Achievement Entrance Scholarships for the student achieving the highest CAO points for each undergraduate course; Mature Student Entrance Scholarships for the mature student achieving the highest semester one results in their first year; and, a range of progression scholarships for the highest achieving students for each programme progressing to the next year. Each scholarship is worth €500. 

The Scholarship Awards were presented by Carlow College President, Fr Conn Ó Maoldhomhnaigh and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Registrar, Dr Thomas McGrath at a ceremony in the College on Wednesday, 19th April. 

The following Awards were presented: 

Academic Achievement Entrance Scholarships 

  • Lauren McGrath – BA in Arts & Humanities 
  • Shannon Whittle – BA in Applied Social Studies (Professional Social Care) 
  • Anna Mc Wey – BA in Social, Political & Community Studies 
  • Tara Redmond– BA (Hons) in Arts & Humanities 
  • Georgia Walsh – BA (Hons) in English & History 
  • Aoife Lanigan – BA (Hons) in Psychology 


Mature Student Entrance Scholarships 

  • Tanya Sheridan – BA in Applied Social Studies (Professional Social Care) 
  • Janis Woodgate – BA (Hons) in Arts & Humanities 
  • Kelly Coogan – BA (Hons) in Psychology 


Progression Scholarships 

  • Susan Hanly – BA in Arts & Humanities  
  • Craig McLoughlin-Burke – BA in Arts & Humanities 
  • Mary Osadolor – BA in Applied Social Studies (Professional Social Care) 
  • Denise Regan – BA in Applied Social Studies (Professional Social Care) 
  • Debra Sherlock – BA (Hons) in Applied Social Studies (Professional Social Care) 
  • Daragh O’Faolain – BA (Hons) in Arts & Humanities 
  • Lucy Osborne – BA (Hons) in Arts & Humanities 
  • Ann Marie Dunne – BA (Hons) in Arts & Humanities 
  • Kelsey Motherway- BA (Hons) in English & History 
  • Jean Robertson- BA (Hons) in English & History 
  • Henry Teesdale – BA (Hons) in English & History 

In congratulating students, Dr McGrath said “Carlow College, St. Patrick’s is delighted to make these scholarship awards to our well deserving students and to recognise their hard work and dedication to their studies”. 

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