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‘Can unconscious bias be altered?’

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Lots of research indicates that we can be prejudiced and yet be unaware! Unknowingly our biases can lead to discriminatory behaviour. Lecturer in Psychology Dr Claire Cullen will discuss her experiments that explore ‘Can unconscious bias be altered’. Join us on Monday 28th January at 1.45 in Cobden Hall.

In recent decades, the concept of ‘unconscious’ or ‘implicit’ bias has infiltrated popular culture perhaps more than any other idea in psychology. Although there is debate among social scientists over how to define implicit or unconscious bias, many believe that attitudes and beliefs are ‘implicit’ if we are unaware of them, mistaken about their nature or unable to consciously control them. A large body of evidence suggests that implicit biases are related to discriminatory behaviour and can influence decisions about housing, schooling and even hiring decisions. Unfortunately, psychologists have no ready roadmap for de-biasing implicit stereotypes and prejudices.


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