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Registration Prospective Students

Getting Started

Registration is required for all students, new and continuing, before the beginning of every academic year.

Registration is a simple way of providing the College with the information that we need to register you onto your college course for that particular year and produce your student ID card.

Below please find details for full-time undergraduate registration for new students. Continuing students click here. To complete the registration process, all learners are required to agree to the terms and conditions as set out by the College.

Registration for New Students 2021/2022 is now open. Before registering please watch the below Welcome Video from our Admissions Team. 

If you wish to go straight to Register, please click here:  Register

If you have a query regarding your acceptance please contact admissionscc@CarlowCollege.ie

Terms and Conditions of Fees 2021/2022

Your fees will be assessed as follows:

1. Self-Paying Fees


2. Grant Approved/Pending

1. Self-Paying Fees

The Student Contribution Fee for the Academic Year 2021/2022 is €3,000.

The student contribution/registration fee for all students registering at Carlow College in September 2021 is €3,000. A minimum of €1500 must be paid in full before a student is deemed registered. The remaining €1500 (balance) must be paid before the 1st of February 2022. No student will be registered or receive a student card unless at least €1500 is paid on or before onsite registration at the college.

Students who wish to pay using our Online Payment facility can do so by logging back into Student Profile/Gateway, and clicking PAY FEES tab on the Home Page.

2. Grants

If you have secured grant approval for your student contribution/registration fee, you must upload the grant approval letter through the online registration link or provide a copy of the approval letter to the Admission Office. Carlow College will invoice SUSI/Local Authority for your registration fees.

If you have not received approval and are awaiting confirmation, Carlow College will register you as a student; however, you are required to upload proof of your SUSI application, by uploading a copy of SUSI correspondence. If you are SUSI Pending your registration is subject to the following rules:

  1. You are required to show proof of your grant application via screenshot, letter or email.
  2. Read and accept Carlow College’s Terms and Conditions of Registration.
  3. Carlow College will demand full payment of €3000 on 1 February 2022 if your grant is still pending. If you are successful getting a grant thereafter Carlow College will reimburse your payment on receipt of funds from the Authority and your submission of bank details to Accounts.
  4. As soon as you secure grant approval, you must submit the letter to the Admissions Office.


The following payment options are available:
  • Online Payment-Visa/Visa Debit cards. Online payments can be made once online registration is completed by logging back into your student profile and by selecting the Pay Fees option. We strongly recommend that, where possible, you use the online payment facility
  • Chip & Pin terminal in the Admissions Office at Carlow College
  • Postal Order-Payable to Carlow College, St. Patrick’s
  • Bank Draft-Payable to Carlow College, St. Patrick’s
  • Credit Union Cheques-Payable to Carlow College St. Patrick’s
  • By EFT or Credit Transfer- Bank details can be found in the Student Gateway or by emailing accounts@carlowcollege.ie

Payment of Tuition Fees

Students who have exhausted their entitlement to free tuition fees are required to pay Tuition Fees as well as the Student Contribution/Registration Fee charge. Students must pay their fees in line with the information above.


  • A statement of your account is available on your student profile by clicking the Finances tab.
  • A receipt of all payments made is also available via the Courses tab.
  • Please note personal cheques or business cheques are not accepted as mode of payment. Only credit union cheques are accepted.
  • The student contribution/registration fee and all other fees must be paid in full before 1 February 2022. There will be no exceptions to the policy/terms and conditions.
  • Repeat exam fee is €50, repeat course work (i.e. essay, assessments) is €50, repeat module fee is €250.
  • Please click here to view how to add your PPSN to the Gateway.


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