Stephanie McDermott

Lecturer in Community, Equality & Advocacy Studies


Stephanie McDermott lectures in the field of Equality, Citizenship, Rights and Activism. As a critical educator and activist, her work centres on social action, civil engagement and the representations of minority groups. Stephanie has extensive experience of working with civil society organisations and is one of the co-founders of Rohingya Action Ireland. In the college and in the wider Carlow/Kilkenny community Stephanie takes an active role in raising awareness of Human Rights abuses and the wider issues of Inclusion and Interculturalism. Stephanie also works as a facilitator in Community Development and Leadership.

Research Interest

Stephanie’s main interest of research is the ‘Lived experience of ethnic minority groups’ with particular reference to migration, refugees and asylum. Her work on inclusion, ‘hearing the minority voice’ and active engagement of minority groups and how, approaches to the ‘management’ of diversity can lead to community cohesion and solidarity.


  • Know your values: The importance of values awareness in Social Care Education in the ‘European Journal of Social Education’ No 12/13 2007
  • ‘Mary Slessors Letters; images and reflection in the ‘The Nigerian Field’, Vol 65 part 1-2: 2002


H.Dip MA