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Tree Planting Ceremony

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Stephanie McDermott, lecturer on the Social, Political & Community degree programme, secretary to Rohingya Action Ireland joined with her colleague Fr John McEvoy in commemorating Famine victims in a tree planting ceremony at the Famine graveyard in Carlow on February 6th. The event was organised by AFRI (Action from Ireland), an organisation whose vision is of a more just, peaceful and sustainable world  and IT Carlow. Speaking at the ceremony Stephanie McDermott spoke of the importance of remembering our past and the suffering and pain that Ireland as a nation went through. ‘It is well documented the suffering of our forefathers and mothers. Armed with this knowledge should make us more understanding of the suffering of the many millions in our contemporary world. The suffering of the Rohingya is a present day example of horrendous human rights abuses. We need to act, act in solidarity and on behalf of people who have no voice, are marginalised and suffer at the hands of authoritarian and abusive regimes’


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