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Our Story So Far Launch

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Carlow has become an intercultural county, benefiting from a rich tapestry of diverse cultures and traditions. There are at least 40 different nationalities represented here.

All of those who have chosen to make Carlow their home have their own very special stories to tell. It is through listening to these stories, understanding these journeys and recognising the contribution all make, immigrants, returners, new communities, migrants and refugees, that we can encourage a greater acceptance and appreciation of difference. We can support the development of a greater sense of intercultural belonging and social inclusion and, most importantly, a greater sense of community for all.

Our Story So Far’ is a collaborative project between Carlow County Development Partnership, Carlow Integration Forum, Carlow College, St Patrick’s and VISUAL which enabled a group of participants to work with a professional writer to develop their own creative abilities and voices in telling and sharing their stories.  This has resulted in a rich and insightful publication designed as an educational tool to support the understanding and acceptance of diversity and integration in primary schools.

This publication was launched on the 17th of October in VISUAL.




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