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Dr Candice Condon on RTE Radio One Liveline

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Dr Candice Condon, Psychology Lecturer here at Carlow College, St. Patrick’s was on RTE Radio One’s Liveline on Tuesday afternoon 24th November, 2020. Dr Condon spoke to Joe Duffy about the huge impact Covid-19 is having on children’s mental health. “This is our third wave of Covid now, the mental health of the Irish people, their suffering is our third wave. Children are suffering, they don’t have the cognitive development to realise and be able to rationalise that we need to do this for the benefit of others.”

“This is not reducing the importance of that physical health. But there is this battle that is going on between mental health and physical health, they’re not mutually exclusive, you can have one without the other.”

You can listen back to the full segment here on ‘Children with Anxiety and Depression‘.


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