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Carlow College announces writer-in-residence Peter Murphy

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Carlow College, St Patrick’s writer-in-residence is Peter Murphy; novelist, short-story writer, spoken word artist, journalist. He is the acclaimed author of ‘John the Revelator’ (London: Faber, 2009) and ‘Shall We Gather at the River’ (London: Faber, 2013), and he is currently working on his next book, a collection of short stories.

Peter, during the course of his residency here will mentor students in creative writing. Peter will also run the Writing Room during the term, this is a dedicated drop-in writing space that will happen once a week for the whole term. Every Wednesday starting from next week, from 1 – 2 in Philosophy Hall, Peter will host a series of writing sessions based on prompts that he has prepared, which are designed to keep the creative juices and energies flowing. The Writing Room is envisaged as an enjoyable and accessible way of exploring what is possible in creative writing in the company of a skilled practitioner and facilitator.


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