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Student Equality Statements

Catriona DeMelza, 4th year B.A. (Honours) in Social, Political & Community Studies

“Equality may be understood by some as treating everyone the same and no different to anyone else. However, everyone is an individual and has different needs, and therefore treating everyone the same does not work. As a student studying at Carlow College I have found the college do not use the ‘one size fits all approach’. Instead each student is valued and individual needs are met. This is what I have experienced whilst studying at Carlow College.”


Agnita Kenny, 4th year B.A. (Honours) in Social, Political & Community Studies

“Before I started college I thought of equality like an equal sum, one plus one equals two, by providing equal opportunities, everyone can be the same. Now I understand equality to mean recognizing differences to create a better way to live together so that we all openly share our experiences and learn from one another, to not only better oneself but also our communities.

My experience is that Carlow College, St. Patrick’s is striving to achieve greater equality for all students. By working to create an inclusive culture between students and staff it enables equal access to opportunities and choice for people with different abilities to participant in the learning process to ensure policies, procedures and processes do not discriminate.”

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